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A classical violinist turned rock vocalist with her head stuck in the clouds, Dianella delivers songs of imaginative and inquisitive lyrics driven by compelling rhythms. This pop fusion is merged together by a traditional rhythm section and a classical string trio. Conducted by her powerful voice and warm energy, the result is electric.


In its first years of existence, Dianella & the Arrows released a 4-track EP, "Live Session at Neutral Sound Studio." During that time, the 4-9 piece band performed in various iterations all throughout New Orleans at many venues, including Siberia, Banks St Bar, Art Garage, Starlight Lounge, Zony Mash, The Broad, and more. 

Dianella & the Arrows also hosted an art series entitled, "Who Arted?!" which featured performances of all art mediums found in the New Orleans community, vendors, and an upcycle craft table. 

The band is ECSTATIC to announce the release of their first studio album, "On the Porch of Dauphine," which has been in the works since 2020. It will be released on November 10th, 2023, preceded by 3 singles. 

Nowadays, Dianella lives in Oregon, while the Arrows remain located in New Orleans. Building on her love of textures and layers, Dianella has crafted a solo set with her brand-new loop pedal, violin & guitar at the ready. But... she makes a point to come back to New Orleans to perform with the full band whenever she can. 

Dianella hopes others will find her music as empowering as she brazenly felt whilst writing it.


After being called Daisy at a gig in her native New Orleans, band leader Danielle Ryce was intrigued by the idea of a floral pseudonym. She went home, sat down, and Googled flowers that start with "d."

It was then that she stumbled across the flower named Dianella. In addition to being so similar to her given name, the flower is rumored to be named after the goddess Diana, the goddess of the hunt. Realizing a majority of her lyrical content revolves around her battle for happiness and finding her voice, Danielle was sold on this alternate identity.

The goddess Diana is commonly pictured with a bow and arrow, ready to hunt. Call it coincidence or fate that these songs are arranged for instruments that are played by... bows.

The string trio in tandem with a rock rhythm section gives the band a unique twist, a colorful texture of cinematic proportions. making Dianella's special weapon, her (incredibly talented and lovely) arrows <3 

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